Kelly Schnurr is a multidisciplinary artist and mother of 2 living in Buffalo, NY. After graduating from SUNY Fredonia with a BFA in Graphic Design, she spent 10 years living and working in NYC where she started her business, GreenBird Design Inc. 

Artist Statement

In 2016, with my growing family, I moved back home. Entangled emotions and heightened sensitivities challenged the way I viewed my identity as an artist, designer, and a mother and continues to inspire my daily art practice. 

Botanical elements are a constant in my work. Whether exploring surface pattern design, or painting landscapes, nature has been the common thread of connectedness and discovery.

Recent mixed-media work intends to capture this sense of discovery as I follow the threads between grief, identity, and boundaries. Paper is used in a variety of ways to create texture and layers of depth. Paper clay and recycled packaging such as tissue paper and cardboard become sculptural elements in my paintings. Cutting out and collaging shapes from my own wallpaper and fabric samples are another way to carry through a visual language that I have created throughout all my work. I enjoy testing the limits in which I can manipulate the delicate yet robust material paper provides. The raw materiality, juxtaposed with the brilliant colors and patterns, paints a spotlight on roots, growth, and discovery.
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