Kelly Schnurr is a multidisciplinary artist and mother of 2 living in Buffalo, NY. She merges her design background with fine art practices to capture the element of discovery and self-growth; using nature as her source of inspiration. After graduating from SUNY Fredonia with a BFA in Graphic Design, she spent 10 years living and working in NYC where she started her business, GreenBird Design Inc. In 2016, with her growing family, she moved back home to Buffalo. Kelly loves re-discovering her hometown with her family, seeing familiar landscapes with a new perspective, as well as traveling and exploring new places; collecting memories and inspiration along the way.

Artist Statement

My work captures a sense of discovery as I follow the threads between grief, identity, sensitivities and boundaries. Whether I am creating patterns, painting landscapes, or experimenting with mixed-media, botanical elements are the common thread of connection.

My design background influences a methodical approach to my work. Self-imposed rules allow me to change my tools while giving me the freedom to explore. Traditional materials such as paint, pastels, and pencils are used to create vibrant paintings and patterns. Strong, neutral forms made from paper clay break out of the vibrant shapes. Embroidered embellishments and collaged pieces of my own prints allow me to layer and manipulate the delicate yet robust material paper provides.

Entangled emotions and heightened sensitivities challenged the way I viewed my identity as an artist, designer, and a mother. Weekend family hikes are a source of healing and observation. A gentle sway of a stem invites me to slow down, notice, and appreciate my sense of place. A tangled arch makes me look up, pensively squint, and remember loved ones lost. A sunlight flare highlighting my children's floppy limbs while wandering through the forest paints a spotlight on roots, growth, and discovery.

While my work feels very personal, I love finding ways to translate my experiences into universal moments of self-reflection and exploration.
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