I’m Kelly, a creative with a BFA in graphic design and 15+ years experience working as a designer in both a studio setting and as a freelance, independent contractor. My skills range in both print and web design, illustration, and brand strategy.
I am a botanical-loving, smiley-but-sometimes-snarky, determined and introverted over-thinker. And if I haven't turned you off with this glowing review of myself, I am also extremely curious, love collaboration and hope to use my skills to make a positive impact within my community and beyond. I am a good listener; always observing, making notes, and when it’s my time to respond I will ask thoughtful questions, confidently explain my process, and proudly share my work. Thanks to the guilt, anxiety, and tension I have put on myself about what I should be doing as a working mom, I have 2 young children to thank for my renewed obsession and daily habits of drawing, painting, illustrating, and a quest to ensure I work towards what I must be doing. They have given me the time and space to play, explore, and understand what kind of art and design brings me joy.
Seasons of life offer tremendous opportunities for personal growth, self-awareness, and clarity. It is my goal that this next chapter–or season–that I embark on will continue to challenge my design sensibilities. I feel lucky to be on this life-long creative journey, constantly learning new skills and always finding time to simply make art for arts sake. I am grateful to have this visual language to communicate what I simply cannot put into words. I look forward to new challenges as I pursue this rich, creative life that never ceases to surprise and delight. 
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